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The  Southbond Shipping Agency Ltd (SSAL) is a private limited company incorporated in Mauritius, and operates mainly as a shipping agency based at Port-Louis Harbour, the sole commercial port of the Republic of Mauritius.

The company forms part of a cluster closely involved in related maritime activities, spanning from third party management, ship handling, ships agency services, shipchandling, to crew recruiting services, among others. SSAL was founded some 36 years ago by a young entrepreneur whose farsightedness showed that the service-port of Mauritius would eventually emerge as a hub, a distribution platform offering full and faultless services in this part of the region. As a wide spectrum of activities was unfolding, the patriarch, Mr. Anand Jugroo, endeavoured to carve out a niche for his company in providing high value-added custom-fit solutions to users requiring different port and maritime activities.


We are backed by competent and professional staff. Our team regroups a wide-range of expertise and experience, after having been with us for so many years and each and every one of them is committed to offering to our clients a personalized service and solutions they need and that also at the best price possible.

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