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Port Louis



  • Where is Port Louis Located?
    On the NW coast of Mauritius; position Lat. 200 09’ S Long. 0570 30’ S
  • Which BA charts are required on board of vessels?
    BA charts No. 711, 712, 713
  • How to contact Port Louis Harbour Radio while approaching to Port-Louis?
    VHF channel 16 and channel 14
  • What is the Harbour entrance depth?
    Harbour entrance depth is 12.8 – 36.3 m; channel dredged to 12.2 m
  • Are Off Port Limits operations permitted at Port-Louis?
    For safety reasons, all vessels should be within the limits of the Port.
  • What are the limits of the port?
    Within the area of the port, commercial activities are restricted to bunkering, ship repair, under water work (Class inspection, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, blanking sea inlets and renewal of cathodic protection) the landing of passengers or personnel, supplies of provisions, stores, fresh water and ships spares.
  • Is the Port is ISPS compliance?
    Port is ISPS compliant and operates at security level 1.
  • What are the Maximum sizes of vessel that can be accomodated alongside?
    Mauritius Container Terminal Container Draft : 13.30 m Depth : 14.0 m SSR Terminal II (Multi Purpose) Draft : 11.00 m Depth : 12.2 m LOA : 198 m Break bulk / Containers / Bulk SSR Terminal I (Multi Purpose) Draft : 11.00 m Depth : 12.2 m LOA : 345 m Passengers Cruise Jetty Draft : 10.00 m Depth : 10.8 m LOA : 300 m Break bulk / Containers / Bulk OIl Jetty Draft : 13.00 m Depth : 14.5 m LOA : 228 m Tanker
  • Is there any berth restrictions at Port Louis?
    Vessels carrying highly inflammable products in bulk are only berthed during daylight hours at the Multi-Purpose Terminal. As regards to vessels berthing at the New Oil Jetty, there are no restrictions
  • What is the Tidal range at Port Louis ?
    The range of tide in Port Louis is not considerably high with an average of 60 cm above mean sea level. The flood stream runs NNE and the ebb stream runs SSW reaching 2 to 3 knots
  • What is the Depth at Anchorage?
    Open roadstead with anchorages for vessels of any draft with depth ranging from 14 m to 70m
  • Is Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels?
    Compulsory for all vessels over 100 GT, pilotage service is available on a 24-hour basis, except for White oil and LPG tankers, which are berthed during daytime only. Inward bound vessels are met about 15 n.m; seaward of the entrance beacons, though they may, in some circumstances, have to be boarded at a greater distance offshore. Both anchors should be ready for use and ship’s lines prepared.
  • Who Manages Port Handling Operations At Port-Louis?
    Operator: Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd Manages port handling operations at the multipurpose terminal (Terminal I and Terminal II) and Terminal III MCT. Working Hours (SHIFT) Monday to Friday: 0700hours–1500hours, 1500hours–2300hours and 2300hours–0700hours. Saturday: 0700hours–1500hours, 1500hours-2300hours Sundays and public holidays: 0700hours–1500hours , 1500hours–2300hours,2300hours–0700hours Operates extended hours if and when required up to 2200 Freeport : BPML Freeport
  • Is There Any Garbage Disposal Facility At Port-Louis?
    Garbage collection service is available. Collection time is normally from 0700–1100 hrs.
  • Is There Any Slops Disposal?
    Service available via agent.
  • How Is Fresh Water Delivery Carried at Port-Louis?
    Fresh water is supply by barge at any berth from 0700–1600 hrs. Arrangements can be made for supply before 0700 hours and after 1600 hours; on payment of overtime. The loading rate is about 25–30 t.p.h. Delivery is also carried at anchorage at one mile off the fairway buoy during daylight only.
  • Which Types Of Fuels Are Available At Port-Louis?
    Gas oil, marine diesel and furnace oil are obtainable (arrangements must be made in advance between owners and oil companies). The pumping capacity of the installations at Port Louis for furnace oil is from 150–200 t.p.h., and for marine diesel oil and gas oil 50 t.p.h. Furnace oil is supplied at Terminal I, Quays A, D and E, gas oil at Terminal I, Quays A, B, D, E and Trou Fanfaron Fishing Port, marine diesel at Terminal I, Quays A, D and E. Three bunkering barges of 1000-1500 tonnes are available to supply vessels in Harbour and outer anchorage with blended marine diesel and fuel oil. Facilities for fuel and diesel oil by Indian Oil Co at Terminal III MCT.
  • What Is The Name Of The Airport And Its Distance From Seaport?
    There is only one airport in Mauritius, SSR International Airport; about 40 km from seaport. Regular international air services available from SSR International Airport (MRU); direct services available to Asia, Australasia and Europe.
  • What Is The Contact Detail Of The Seafarer’s Centre At Port-Louis?
    Mer Rouge, Roche Bois, Port Louis. Tel: +230 2174330. Fax: 230 2174329. For any further information and queries, please contact us on xxxx
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